Welcome to wiilkids  your one stop site dedicated to becoming the most comprehensive, easy to use, family oriented resource of Entertainment, Events, Activities, News, Reviews & more for Kids, Families, Single parents, Grand parents, & Caretakers in the Wisconsin – Illinois. Border Region,

Our primary coverage areas will be Kenosha, Walworth, & Racine Counties in Wisconsin, and Lake, Mchenry in Illinois as well as covering special events in the other collar counties of both states.

Currently our event calendar is the major resource of our site, It is driven by what the community would like to promote as well as what our editors & staff find to fit the criteria of kids & family oriented events. At the moment the calendar is a back end entry, meaning only our staff can add events, in the very near future we plan to add front end access so local businesses, park districts, libraries & event coordinators can add there events at their convenience, In the meantime if you have an event you would like to promote please feel free to send us an email to events@wiilkids.com or send us a message or post your event to our facebook page and we will add it to the event calendar promptly.

We have many fun & informative resources in production, some things we are working on include the Kids eat free directory where you will find special kids eat free promotions from local establishments, We are working on The Ultimate playground directory, where we will be visiting as many parks & playgrounds with our grand children, taking lots of photos as well as video reviews.  There will be a county fair-carnival & festival guide out soon, as well as many holiday guides like pumpkin patches, holiday parties, visits with santa & more, We plan to publish seasonal fun guides starting this winter that will include all types of winter fun, from sledding hills, ice skating rinks, skiing & snow boarding to ice fishing and winter festivals. Be sure to check out our Business Directory where you will find many family and kid oriented local businesses (Hint: use the drop down category menu ex. Birthday Party Venues or Christmas Tree Farms)  And I almost forgot about our Free events listings, as well as a page dedicated to all things free is in the works also.

We welcome your thoughts, ideas and input. Please tell us what you would like to see here on the site, Feel free to send us an email and share your thoughts or ideas.  Lastly, if you’d be so kind, please share WIILKIDS with anyone you know that would find our content helpful for their family. You can also follow us on our Facebook Page our new Facebook Group,  & Twitter.

We look forward hearing from you as well as providing you and your family some of the best memories from activities & events you found here at wiilkids.com..


Rich & Ginger